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"Meet Simon Cope, New Zealand's Spa and Pool Industry's # 1 Direct Response Marketer"

Simon W. Cope - Direct Response Marketer to the Spa and Pool Industry in New Zealand.

Simon Cope has been helping companies grow and prosper for the past ten years.  He has rolled up his sleeves and lived in the trenches with his clients to help them succeed. Simon has been affiliated with the spa and pool industry for over 15 years through his business associations.  Simon is also the author of the "101 Pool and Spa Marketing Secrets - As Easy as 1,2,3, Step-By-Step Specific Marketing Tactics to Recession-Proof Your Spa and Pool Business" marketing system.


As an experienced and successful small business owner, Simon has worked with a number of Fortune 500, to small-medium sized businesses, to improve business processes, select and implement cutting-edge technologies, and develop strategies and initiatives with successful results.


Many of Simon's clients have been the "who's who" of roll-up companies (Roll-up companies are those that purchase small businesses to consolidate an industry.).  As a roll-up specialist Simon has helped scores of small businesses meet planned earnings and revenue projections using proven marketing and operational best practices. 


The following are just a few of Simon's past corporate clients:


Arrow Inc Trade Tech Ltd
Matrix Security Ltd Products From New Zealand Ltd
C+I Solar Ltd One2One Realty
Ascent Business Directions Ltd Know How Ltd

APT Ltd (Accelerated 

 Planning Technique)

CrackerJack Kids Ltd


Simon Has Consulted with Scores of Small Businesses such as:

  • Retailers

  • Chiropractors

  • Community banks

  • Massage therapists

  • Accountants

  • Lawyers

  • Inventors

  • Virtual assistants

  • Executive recruiters

and a long list of other small business professionals.


Simon also served as Sales and Marketing Manager In The Renewable Energy Industry.  And lest you think that it was an easy task - you try to convince your wife to spend $64,000 to power your home with solar electricity - and for that price, she still cannot use an electric stove!   


As the Marketing Manager for Products From New Zealand Ltd, a 100% online retail and wholesaler of best of NZ made gifts and products company, Simon was responsible for creating, and then helping to develop and institute strategic marketing initiatives that have positioned the company as one of the largest in it's industry with his wife, Kristina.

Kristina runs the business part-time (10 hours a week). This website is ranked in the top 5% of all active (out of 16,000,000) websites in the world for amount of traffic it gets every month.

Products From New Zealand Ltd employed its first employee in 2005 - to bring in phase 2 of the operation - a wholesale and corporate goods export division.

The company is expected to be turning over $1,000,000 in gross sales by the end of 2010 - with the combined effort of 50 hours to manage it on a weekly basis.

Simon created KJA,  which requires 10 hours (max) a week to manage. The first order secured was for $850,000 dollars (gross profit of $300,000) and is growing from strength to strength.    


Today, Simon is the CEO of Web Doctor Ltd , a leading marketing advisor for small business professionals around New Zealand. Simon is also the senior editor of 'Website & Marketing Best Practices Newsletter'.


Simon Also Owns and Manages Three Internet Businesses.  As a professional Internet Marketer Simon has helped several online businesses reach profitability by improving website marketability for increased response rates resulting in greater sales. 


Simon's Favourite Pastime Is Spending Time With His Wife and Children.  Simon has been married for 12 years to Kristina, his beautiful wife.  Bike riding with the family, taking interested people on 'tour' through their 100% solar powered home in Meadowbank, church service, and 'horsing around' with the kids keeps Simon busy in his off time. 


Do You Want More Leisure Time?  Simply click here now to learn more about the Spa Pool Marketing Secrets system (With iron-clad 365 day money back guarantee) and experience the freedom of not "chasing your tail" doing 70+ hours a week to "make ends met" by implementing the marketing secrets Simon, and many others have discovered...   


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